Are you looking for a guide on how to wear kurti in winter?

Winter is almost here again, and before you ditch that Kurti, do you know that you can still show out in your Kurti during the winter, looking just as great in it as you were in the summertime? Fashion is one of the most dynamic phenomena in the world as we know it, and life is too short to dress boring.

You can totally rock your Kurti in the frigid weather if you add a few exciting twists!

A Jacket

Whether leather or denim, jackets are never out of style in the winter; keeping people warm since ’88! You can layer your Kurti with your favorite short jacket and look very trendy for winter.

A cape or kimono

This is a classic look for the winter if you are into long and flowing clothes. A full-length Kurti will look simply marvelous with your cape or kimono. Minimal jewelry and a brooch will complete the ensemble nicely.

A shawl

This is perfect for protecting your neck and looking good all at once. Your full-length Kurti paired with a color-matching shawl is trendy. Scarves are smaller and lighter, if you prefer them, and choose exciting colors that will stand out on your Kurti. If you are minimalist, cool and sweet tones of scarves and shawls are there for you.

Winter Shoes

Winter shoes are one of the fashion delights of the season and you will be thrilled to find out that you can combine them with your Kurti, full or half-length! Knee boots and ankle boots are timeless for a Kurti combination. If you are going for a half-length Kurti, you can combine it with palazzo pants or denim pants and boots. Sneakers are also a great choice.

So you see? You can wear what you love in winter, look good and stay warm. It’s a win-win!

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