A common misconception about long skirt styles is that there are limited options for you to accessorize with, compared to pants or shorter skirts. There is almost nothing you cannot combine with a long skirt and look good in if that’s what you’re set out to do. Long skirts can look good on anyone, no matter your shape or size, and because they are super dressy, you don’t have to do too much to make a big statement in one glorious long skirt.

You can look casual or corporate in a long skirt, depending on your mood and the type of skirt you choose.

If you are overwhelmed with the many options to choose from, you can take a cue from this article on how to style long skirts and step up your fashion game. Also, if long skirts are not your thing because you find them limiting, you will find here how to infuse your style with long skirts flawlessly. Here are a few types of long skirts by style:

  • Summer Skirts: These skirts are the rave of warm months and are for casual hangouts and beach dates. They are usually brightly colored, light and breezy as they typically flare from the waist all the way down. They also come pleated around a waistband or layered. Some summer skirts come with slits, as high as you want them and others with buttons, floral designs and other details that suit your style. A lovely pair of sandals or sneakers will fit a summer skirt perfectly. If you are a boots lover, go for it!
  • Ball Skirts: These often come in plain, yet class monochromes and are suitable for formal events. They are uniquely styled to have you stand out at your next big event without trying too hard. Midi ball skirts give retro vibes, very stunning and classy. A pair of flats or stilettos with ball skirts is a match made in fashion heaven.

Another important category of long skirts is by length and generally, long skirts can be either full-length or midi.

Full-length skirts, also known as maxi skirts reach from the waist to your toes, covering your legs and feet. They can be made from chiffon, cotton, wool, denim or acrylic material and can be worn by people of all ages.

Midi skirts reach further past the knee but stop somewhere between the knees and the ankle. Many find midi skirts better suited for corporate or formal occasions, but as was earlier stated, there are no rigid rules in fashion!

That established, let’s get to the “how to style long skirts” part, then, shall we?

1. Blouses/Crop Tops

Obviously, you combine a skirt with something for your upper torso, and blouses are the commonest in this category unless it’s for special occasions like going to the beach. ‘Blouse’ is a broad term used to refer to a wide range of upper body clothing that can be made from an even wider range of materials. Your blouse can be long-sleeved or short-sleeved, fitted or loose, patterned or plain. No matter what category your blouse falls in, you can combine it with a long skirt, midi or maxi. Crop tops are half tops that look great on long skirts too. You don’t need to tuck these in, and they are super comfortable if you’re big on that. Guess what? Turtle neck tops also look great with long skirts!

2. Jackets/Blazers

Jackets can be combined with long skirts for people who cannot do without them. Once winter hits and you wonder if you can change the status quo, you should try out a jacket and long skirt combo. Jackets can be long like trench coats or short like a simple denim or leather jacket. All you need to complete the ensemble is a chic camisole or an inner top to layer with your jacket. The inner should be tucked in for a smart fit.

Blazers are like jackets, but for the corporate setting. With a nice camisole and the perfect pair of shoes, a long skirt is a great pick to show up at work in.

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