Everyone wants to look good, we try our best to, and where the limitations of the natural stop us, the artificial takes the helm. The existence of makeup exemplifies this point. However, just as an artist isn’t limited by his paint and brushes, the extent to which a makeup artist can manipulate their tools is left to them alone.

3D Makeup is one of the latest innovative techniques in the world of practical cosmetology. Similar to regular techniques of facial contouring, the idea of 3D Makeup was conceived from the same pool. The idea is to accentuate certain areas on the face using different shades of cosmetic products. The final effect is meant to produce similar or greater levels of ‘pop’ in whatever parts of the face you choose and pull of the ultimate three-dimensional effect.

3D makeup is where science and art meet cosmetology. In truth, all the makeup artist is doing is manipulating the way light hits the face. Paying more attention to colour selection for all cosmetics is used to create the desired effects. This sound pretty technical, but you can do 3D makeup at home, and master the art after consistent practice. Here are few tricks you can tuck in your sleeves for a home practice session:

Highlighting The Eyes

Products and tools needed: Foundation, Eyeshadow, Foundation Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Blending Brush.

To do this, you’ll need a lot of foundation and eye shadow for a 3D effect. Start by applying foundation around your eye socket to enhance its apparent structure. This effect will now be magnified by your eye shadow. Use a dark eyeshadow shade around the outer edges of the eyes and blend to perfection. The key here is in the blending technique. When applying the other shades, create as seamless a gradient as you can, making the transition unnoticeable for the eyes to look as natural as possible.

Accentuating The Lips

Products and tools needed: Foundation, Lipstick, Lip Liner, Foundation Brush

Applying foundation on the lips isn’t completely unheard of, and you can do your lips some 3D good. For the best results, the canvas, being the lips, should be as plain as possible. To achieve this, apply a darker shade to the underside of the bottom lip. Then, proceed to blend it in with the shade used on your chin area. With the lipstick and liner, use a lighter shade of lipstick in the very centre and the liner, which should ideally be a shade darker, at the edges and corners of your mouth. The second darker shade of lipstick should then be applied between the liner and the first shade. Again, the blending technique is the key to pulling off the flawless look.

One question that’s frequently asked about the 3D Makeup look is why do it at all? Contouring has already proven to be a hit. The downside to contouring is that when viewed up close, the effects on the subject can seem somewhat unnatural. There’s often an excessive amount of products used to get the desired results. 3D makeup on the other hand is often done using Foundation only.

Bridal makeup can also feature the aforementioned 3D techniques for a unique look. It is the rave of Indian weddings and other popular cultures. Many brides prefer 3D makeup to the conventional techniques or airbrushing. This is because of the way 3D makeup makes a certain part of the face pop, as needed for bridal makeup.

It is very important to note that when applying 3D makeup techniques, you should always try to work exclusively in ways that favour your facial construction.

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