Do you have dry skin and have a question that which facial is best for dry skin?

Having dry skin is not fun, especially when the weather gets frigid, and that is why skin care experts recommend that you incorporate moisturizers into your basic routine in every season, even if you have oily skin.

The facial skin is the most visible, most exposed part of your body and because the market is overflowing with options, it gets pretty daunting to select the best products needed to keep your face and its complexion flawless. That is why this piece has curated the essentials to look for in facial products that will be of benefit to your face.

There are three skin types that you can have, and they are dry skin, oily skin, and a combination of both. Before getting on with purchasing facials, here is how to identify whether or not your skin is dry:

  • Dehydration
  • Dull-looking skin
  • Flaky, rough skin
  • Skin prone to infections
  • Inelastic, scaly skin
  • Easily itchy, irritated skin

Once you have figured this out, you should focus on facials made for dry skin. Typically, most drugstore products indicate what skin type they are suited for and this should not be ignored; these products contain varying concentrations of active ingredients that each skin type can handle. Let’s get to the facials, shall we?


Every facial routine begins with a good cleanser, no matter your skin type. The essence of using cleansers is to remove dirt, residual makeup, excess oil and other pore-clogging irritants from your skin. You can’t go wrong with oil-based or hydration-focused cleansers with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, lactic acid and ceramides. Natural oils like jojoba and avocado also work great! It is important that you stick to cleansers made for dry skin as they are gentler than those for oily skin and will not further strip your face of needed natural oils.


Your face needs tons of moisture to be rid of dullness, and moisturizers made for dry skin will give you just that. Depending on how dry your facial skin is, you can opt for cream-based moisturizers. These guys have a richer texture and loads of moisture-locking active ingredients compared to lotions. Active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides and lecithin are your skin’s best friends. Moisturizing, like cleansing, is a part of your routine that cannot be skipped.

Vitamin C

This isn’t necessarily essential, but you’ll be doing your face a word of good by incorporating vitamin C into your skincare routine. Apart from being a complexion booster and an effective treatment for scars, vitamin C is a hydrating ingredient. You will get the most of this ingredient in serums than in any other form, but for your dry skin type, a vitamin C concentration of 5% is just enough.


Like moisturizers, hydrating serums play an important role in getting your skin out of the moisture drought. From ceramides which form a unique barrier that helps your skin retain moisture, to antioxidants for skin restoration and good old hyaluronic acid for moisture lock-in, you will find that the best serums on the market are made for your skin type!


You cannot skip this essential part of your routine, especially if you have dry skin. A whole routine without some sunscreen finishing is as good as nothing at all. You need to protect your face, which is the most exposed part of your body, from the harshness of UV rays. Some skincare experts argue that it is not enough to use moisturizers with SPF for your skin. These offer “diluted” sunscreen abilities at best. Chemical and mineral sunscreens both work for dry skin, but as a guide, go for cream-based, hydrating sunscreens. You get skin protection and moisture, all in one!

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