Tired of nails that almost never grow? You have found the right place to learn all about home remedies to grow nails faster! The best thing about home remedies for anything is that you don’t have to break the bank to purchase fancy ingredients or endure complicated procedures. There are simple remedies that are just as effective, very affordable and most importantly, within the comfort of your home.

Fingernails are one of the many indicators of good body health. Made from a hard protein known as keratin, your fingernails should be tough and not easily breakable. This can be achieved by keeping them healthy and in good form by constant grooming and healthy eating habits.

Brittle nails or nails that hardly grow are a cause for concern, and that is why you will find all the information you need on how to grow nails faster naturally curated here:

Lemon Juice

Is there anything that some good old lemon juice cannot do? Yes, you can get your nails to grow faster by dunking a small cotton pad in fresh lemon juice and wiping your fingernails with it. If you don’t mind the mess, you can rub a lemon slice on your fingernails too, gently. Two times a week and followed with moisturizer, you will notice first that the color of your nails will improve, and subsequently, they’ll grow nicely and faster.


Natural oils are one of the most versatile to be used on your body—including your fingernails. The stars of this category are coconut oil, olive oil, and flaxseed oil. Oils are staple in skin and hair care, and they can solve fingernail growth problems too. Heat some coconut/olive/flaxseed oil until it’s slightly warm and rub it on your fingernails and cuticles till it’s fully absorbed. Also, you can soak your fingers in the warm coconut oil for about twenty minutes and put on some gloves after for full absorption. Body oils are typically hydrating enough, so you don’t have to moisturize after using them. Olive oil can be mixed with some lemon juice to form a paste that you apply to your fingernails. This works great, too!

Tomato Juice

This is another staple in your home that can serve as a potent fingernail grower! Tomatoes are rich in biotin and the vitamins needed for healthy hair and nail growth, and as little as rubbing a tomato slice in your fingernails in gentle circular motions for a couple of minutes three times a week will do the trick.


This is the ultimate hack to getting your nails to be stronger and grow faster. Eating food rich in biotin will make for very healthy nails, and even better if you take biotin supplements. Whole grains, bananas, sardines, cauliflower, boiled eggs, nuts and mushrooms are rich in biotin and a worthy inclusion to your diet if your goal is stronger, faster-growing nails. You can shop for biotin supplements online from credible vendors or walk into a drugstore.

Other helpful tips on how to grow nails faster at home are:

Use nails hardeners

These are designed for the obvious: to harden your nails, and harder nails will keep growing without breaking. However, nail hardeners should be used sparingly and not as a substitute for any of the aforementioned methods.

Use authentic nail polishes and removers

The quality of the cosmetics used on your fingernails can either improve their quality or do the complete opposite. If you love painting your fingernails, ensure that your nail polish is authentic and cruelty-free. This also applies to your nail polish remover.

Groom your nails routinely

The fingernails are known to host dirt and toxic germs if not frequently groomed. If you keep long nails, clean them frequently and pay extra care to them when you wash your hands.

Home remedies to make nails grow faster and stronger take commitment and consistency, even after the desired result has been achieved.

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